Attention all agents! This is Level 7! The MCU is back in action on Disney Plus, thanks to the launch of WandaVision, and its every bit as weird as you think. Wanda Maximoff and Vision are living the sweet life in the Golden Age of TV, but why are they there and who is doing this to them? Join IGN Host Max Scoville as he unpacks all of the MCU info packed into WandaVision episode 1 and episode 2! Plus, who is SWORD and why are they watching Wanda and Vision? Also, didn’t Vision die? Twice? If you want WandaVision explained, we’ve got you covered.

The WandaVision trailer promised a new series that’s unlike anything the MCU has shown us before and now that the series is here on Disney Plus, we’re excited to see this synthezoid and Scarlet Witch cruise through eras of classic American television. Marvel Studios is launching new series all year on Disney Plus and now Wanda, Vision and the whole neighborhood are waiting for what happens next. And next time you see a WandaVision official trailer and you need WandaVision trailer breakdown or even a WandaVision reaction, Canon Fodder has you covered.

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