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Grab the DOSBox Pure core here: https://github.com/schellingb/dosbox-pure/releases

Grab a MIDI soundfont for DOSBox Pure here: https://www.philscomputerlab.com/general-midi-and-soundfonts.html#

This video is a continuation of my original Retroarch install video. Refer back to this video for initial Retroarch settings. https://youtu.be/mj9MPuywjmo

For a guide on how to expand your Dev Mode storage to accommodate DOS Games and for a link/guide for my files explorer check out this video. https://youtu.be/5VNoxtXzH7o

MS-DOS is where I got my start with computers. We had an IBM PS/2 Model 30 when I was growing up and I spent so much time on it playing some Phonix stuff and a Tom and Jerry game. Eventually, we ended up getting a Windows 95 Pentium based Packard Bell but the most common gaming on that machine was still DOS-based. It is still crazy to me that DOS gaming remained super prevalent all the way until 1997! As time marched on DOS gaming capabilities were finally removed from Windows but thanks to emulation the games can continue living on past their original hardware. DOSBox has long been used by a number of companies to sell classic games on stores like GOG and Steam. DOSBox however has a long history of being notoriously complicated to setup. But thanks to a new build know as DOSBox Pure by schellingb, DOSBox has never been easier! and better still, it can fully emulate a mouse and keyboard inputs without either device being required. This makes DOSBox Pure an extremely viable way to enjoy a number of MS-DOS classics on our Xbox Series X|S. There is still a considerable amount of Setup required but compared to standard DOSBox this is a walk in the park!

0:00 – Purpose
0:14 – Intro
1:46 – Prepping DOS Games For Use
5:46 – Placing DOS Games On Internal Xbox SSD
8:09 – Downloading The DOSBox Pure Core/MIDI Soundfont
9:13 – Placing The MIDI Soundfont On USB
9:25 – Placing The Core Info File On USB
9:52 – Adding The DOSBox Pure Core To Retroarch
10:21 – Adding The MIDI Soundfont/Core Info File To Retroarch
13:10 – Launching DOS Games From The SSD
13:49 – Making A DOS Games Playlist
14:36 – Playing DOS Games From The Playlist
15:00 – First Look At Setting Up Games In DOSBox Pure
16:44 – King’s Quest V Demo
17:15 – Changing Controls/Soundfonts
18:31 – King’s Quest V Continued
18:48 – Game Installation Demonstration
22:25 – Loading A Game After Installation
23:59 – Installing Expansion Pack Disks
25:08 – Autobooting A Game After Installation
26:31 – Using A Real Keyboard On Xbox Series X|S Demonstration
29:48 – MDK Demonstration
30:09 – Tomb Raider Demonstration
30:28 – Dynamic Disk Swapping Demonstration
32:47 – Setting Up Different Audio Drivers In Supported Games
34:56 – Discussion On DOSBox Pure Controls
36:59 – Core Options Explained
44:25 – Shaders
45:37 – Outro/Support

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DosBoxPure Retroarch XboxSeriesX Tutorial