Corsair K100 Mechanical Keyboard:
MSI Vigor GK20 Membrane Keyboard:
Elgato Stream Deck:

To find out which gaming keyboard is most worth your money, we put two of the hottest gaming peripherals up against one another: the $230 Corsair K100 and the $40 MSI Vigor GK20.

Looking for a new gaming keyboard? Want to know if their performance is worth the hefty price? Look no further, as we put the most high-end tech and peripherals up against the more budget-friendly options to see which device is most worth their price.
First we have the $230 Corsair K100, a optical mechanical gaming keyboard that utilizes Corsair’s infrared optical switches, features an iCUE control wheel and full on-board RGB coverage with a 44 zone lighting edge, and delivers your inputs up to 4x faster than other gaming keyboards.
Secondly we have an entry-level Vigor GK20, a $40 membrane keyboard that’s still trying hard to earn it’s place at your battlestation with ergonomic keycaps, basic RGB effects, multimedia hotkeys, and a water repellent and an inbuilt drainage system to prevent any damage from spilt gamer fuel. 
Two very different keyboards with very different prices, but which is most worth their asking price?