I have more and more videos with my actual face, so I decided I needed to upgrade my Lighting. My new room already has a lot of natural light, but this isn’t always enough. I already had a cheap white LED panel, which I currently use for more front light and now I have an INSANE LED panel from Neewer!
It is full RGBW (RGB and white LEDs are separated) and has precise controls (especially with the app).
I think this will be great for future videos!

Use this code: Dylan&Neewer, get 20% off on the light and the stand:
Active from today until 3 Mar.

Check out Neewer: https://neewer.com/
Neewer RHB LED panel: https://neewer.com/collections/rgb-led-panel-light/products/neewer-led-light-10096807
Neewer light stand: https://neewer.com/collections/light-stand/products/neewer-pro-9-feet-260cm-aluminum-alloy-photo-studio-light-stands-10084211

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