The PS Vita is an awesome handheld worth revisiting, but what truly unlocks the greatness of this console is the power of homebrew. This tutorial will go through the process of taking any PlayStation Vita console on firmware 3.73 and modifying it with h-encore² with the goal of launching third party homebrew, games, applications, and more. However it doesn’t stop there. This goes through the process of downgrading to the more compatible 3.60 firmware, remodifying the consoles with HENkaku, and making the modification launch on coldboot with HENkaku Ensō!

The end-goal here being a successfully downgraded, coldbooting, modified Vita with a few starter plugins as well as pieces of homebrew to create a solid foundation for using the Vita. All the heavy lifting of the modification process itself is covered here while further recommendations and improvements are available in additional videos. Be sure to look in the “Additional Vita Videos” section of this description for more!

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Introduction
1:42 – Prerequisites
3:03 – Checking Current Firmware Version
4:01 – 3.73 Setup
9:25 – Downgrading to 3.60
20:02 – 3.60 Setup
23:58 – HENkaku Ensō Setup
28:58 – HENKaku Settings Setup
30:58 – AutoPlugin Setup
33:54 – Vita HomeBrew Browser
34:30 – Deleting Apps
35:07 – Final Recommendations


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