Get a look at high-level play for Axl Low, Ky Kiske, and Sol Badguy as they take on Zato-1 and Nagoriyuki from the Guilty Gear Strive dev team. In this exclusive clip we get to see brand new moves for Axl, Ky, and Sol.

Guilty Gear Strive is the next core entry in Arc System Works’ groundbreaking fighting game series, and it continues with the franchise’s fusion of slick anime-style visuals and heavy-metal infused action. Ahead of the fighting game’s upcoming beta starting later this month on February 17, GameSpot has exclusive new gameplay showing off some high-level matches with Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, and Axl Low. In these fights, we also get a first look at each character’s particular super move, which leans heavily into their fighting style and personality.

Axl Low’s One Vision (timestamp – 0:45)
Input: 632146 + P
One Vision is a move that temporarily freezes the opponent by controlling time. After inputting the command to ready the move, inputting the command again releases the attack that freezes the opponent. The freezing attack can be cancelled into from any move even in the air, including special moves.

Ky Kiskes Dragon Install (timestamp – 4:19)
Input: 214214 + HS (When at low Health)
Ky transforms, strengthening each of his special moves significantly. On activation, it sends out a shockwave that knocks the opponent back. It will also cause an Area Shift on hit in the corner.

Sol Badguy’s Heavy Mob Cemetery (timestamp – 8:30)
Sol transforms, performing an invincible lunge attack. It has long range and does incredible damage. Due to its great range, it’s an excellent way to punish a vulnerable opponent.

Axl Low vs Zato-1 0:07
Axl Low One Vision – 0:45
Ky Kiske vs Nagoriyuki – 2:03
Ky Kiske Dragon Install – 4:19
Sol Badguy vs Zato-1 – 5:10
Sol Badguy Heavy Mob Cemetery – 8:30