Pandora’s Battery was released publicly to the world in 2007 and delivered what PSP owners could only dream of: A method of completely unbricking any soft-bricked or hard-bricked PSP! Once a battery was modified to become a Service Mode battery (aka Pandora’s Battery) it could then be paired with a specially prepared Magic Memory Stick for use on any PSP-1000. This also allowed for firmware downgrading and was many people’s entry point to installing custom firmware onto their PSP. As this was released just before the PSP-2000 this combination thankfully still worked on most 2000 models, but was patched in later run 2000 models as well as all 3000 models.

Although the latest PSP firmware at the time of recording this can be modified within a few minutes, Pandora’s Battery and the Magic Memory Stick still hold a special place in my heart for the ultra powerful unbrickers they are. This is sort of a love letter to Pandora’s Battery but also hopes to show people out there how to set one up themselves. Whether it be for fun or for brick protection, Pandora’s Battery is still a must have in my modding collection.

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Introduction & Background
3:26 – Prerequisites
6:53 – Battery Options
11:00 – Storage Options
13:15 – PC Setup
14:42 – Building a Magic Memory Stick
17:25 – Building a Pandora’s Battery
19:20 – Pandora’s Battery Usage
23:22 – Unbricking a PSP
26:13 – Now What?
28:52 – Restoring the Battery
32:13 – Restoring the Memory Stick
33:18 – Outro


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