Blue Yeti:
HyperX QuadCast:

Want to get great audio in your streams, multiplayer games and content creation? Today we are talking about two of the most popular USB microphones on the market right now, that is the Hyper X Quadcast and the Blue Yeti, both extremely popular choices for gamers and Twitch streamers alike.

Both the HyperX Quadcast and the Blue Yeti have been out for a while now, but they are constantly compared to each other and are still real competitors when it comes to being some of the best USB mics in their price range. 

The Quadcast comes in HyperX’s trademark black and red colours, with the microphone being illuminated whenever the user is audible. If you want to go a level higher to the Quadcast S you get the bonus of RGB customization, but the base model is fixed in crimson.  The regular Quadcast does come with some features that make it a great mic for streaming and content creation straight out of the box, such as its integrated pop filter and tap-to-mute functionality. 

Up against it is the Blue Yeti. It’s a larger and heavier device than the Quadcast but still comes with the same four audio profiles. It does, however, have better audio monitoring functionality with its adjustable passthrough to allow the user to monitor their audio levels during livestreams or recording sessions. 

While these USB microphones are very similar, in the video above we go through the differences that separate them and name our mic pick for gamers and content creators. 

Audio and voiceover were recorded with each microphone during the relevant sections, and treated with identical post-production settings to ensure a fair comparison.