On this week’s episode of Console Crew, the gang celebrates Game Pass. You’ve heard us, and many others, say this before but Xbox’s subscription service is easily the best service in video games when it comes to bang for your buck. But it’s not just giving people access to a massive library of video games at no additional cost, it’s also changing the industry in a number of ways ranging from making content accessible in various places, to giving smaller developers more exposure, and helping some games develop a strong community where they might otherwise struggle.

One other key thing Game Pass doing is breeding competition, both directly and indirectly. PlayStation and Nintendo players will now begin to think about how much value those platform holders are delivering to them, and the ways in which they can maximize their money and time when it comes to buying and playing games. 

That’s also a big discussion point in this episode of Console Crew, as Lucy, Jordan, and Tamoor discuss Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo’s efforts to entice players to play games on their platform and engage with their ecosystems. This comes as a number of high-profile titles from Bethesda are added to Game Pass and Sony updates the list of free titles that will be available as part of its Play at Home campaign. For its part, Nintendo has a library of classics available through Switch Online, but the question is, are Sony and Nintendo’s efforts enough to compete with Game Pass? Do they even need to compete, for that matter? Watch to find out what the crew thinks.