It’s the week’s biggest Nintendo news stories and the Arlopinions that accompany them! In this edition: An Animal Crossing-themed horror short is getting a feature length adaptation; Phoenix Wright is having an orchestral concert online; a DK-themed section of Super Nintendo World is basically a lock at this point; someone is selling a seriously gross Pikachu plushie; someone has built the smallest N64 ever; Breath of the Wild with 8K resolution and raytracing looks a treat; and more!

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TWOOTER: @ArloStuff

This video was edited by the lovely Kane!

Thumbnail by Yoshiller!

Additional footage provided by packattack04082, ZackScottGames, Chuggaaconroy, Wanderbots and Zebra Gamer.

“Reloaded Installer #11” by LHS.


Skyward Sword enhanced controls

2021 might be big?

Switch second best in US

Samsung wants to sell OLEDs

Pokemon GO eggs

DJ Pikachu


Mother remake mockup

NSO gold coins bonus

Final Mario Maker 2 Ninji speedrun

AC one year update

AC best Europe year

AC tour creator

AC hall of fame

AC horror movie

Ace Attorney concert

Nintendo World opens

Nintendo World DK door


Smallest N64 ever

Sony buys EVO

Octopath on Game Pass

Pyra/Mythra figures

Fortnite joycons

8K Raytracing BotW

Cool guardian kill