Today on the Fix, police are saying “welcome to the Gulag” to a prison escapee who has been captured after trying to purchase the latest Call of Duty. The person in question had been on the run since November, in the UK. He was apprehended while picking up CoD: Black Ops Cold War, in an effort to curb his lockdown boredom. Xbox’s Director of Program Management, Jason Ronald, has made clear that unannounced Xbox games are coming in 2021. We still don’t know just where those games will be coming from, and if they will be released by some of the studios acquired by Microsoft. Speaking of Microsoft’s recent acquisitions, The Microsoft-Bethesda acquisition has taken very large steps towards completion with the SEC and European Commission approving the move. This doesn’t mean the merger is final, however, but once Microsoft clears the next steps, Bethesda Game Studios, Arkane, MachineGames, Tango GameWorks, and more will fall under the Microsoft banner.

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