I’ve been wanting to try my hands at a Joy-Con reshell for a while now but also wanted a theme for my Switch. The Jungle Green color seen on the N64 has always been a favorite of mine, so around the holiday season I purchased a full Jungle Green housing kit. Complete with the console backplate, Joy-Con shells, buttons and all! This isn’t meant to be viewed as a tutorial, more just something for anyone interested in seeing the process before trying it out themselves.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:35 – Backplate Removal
3:55 – Jungle Green Kit Unboxing
5:01 – Backplate Install
9:27 – Right Joy-Con Teardown
15:15 – Right Joy-Con Rail Swap
16:29 – Right Joy-Con Teardown Continued
18:58 – Right Joy-Con Reassembly
36:14 – Left Joy-Con Teardown
40:38 – Left Joy-Con Rail Swap
41:47 – Left Joy-Con Trigger Swap
44:37 – Left Joy-Con Teardown Continued
45:56 – Left Joy-Con Reassembly
57:25 – Final Results


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