This video is an update on some new things I’ve tried, viewers have taught me and may save you some time, money or make things easier. We’ll discuss a cartridge shell replacement by DiniertoDesigns, an easier way to access the Argon One M.2 SSD and a few tips for the ODROID Go Super.

00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – NESPi 4 Cartridge Shell
03:28 – Argon ONE M.2 base to computer
03:34 – ODROID-Go Super Joystick Pad Covers

Helpful Links
* Cartridge Shell Etsy Store (DiniertoDesigns):
* ODROID Go Super Guide:
* Argon One Case Guide:
* NESPi 4 Case Guide:

Items Shown in this video
* UGREEN USB 3.0 Type A-to-A Cable (Male to Male):
* 12pcs Joysticks Pad Cover (PS Vita):
* RETROFLAG Raspberry Pi 4 Case NESPi 4:
* Argon ONE M.2 Case for Raspberry Pi 4 (Argon M.2 CASE ONLY) | SATA SSD Support | B-Key and B+M Key Compatible:
* Argon ONE M.2 Raspberry Pi SSD Board (M.2 Expansion Board ONLY):
* SSK Aluminum USB 3.1 to M.2 NGFF SSD Enclosure Adapter:

Software Used
* DiskGenius ( 30% OFF Coupon code: DG30-YUTE-STPR ) :
* Raspberry Pi Imager:

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