It’s the week’s biggest Nintendo news stories and the Arlopinions that accompany them! In this edition: Niantic is creating an AR Pikmin mobile app; modders have created a sizable Breath of the Wild expansion; an unboxing of an incredibly rare N64DD dev kit; Kid Icarus Uprising 2 isn’t very likely; Daft Punk is unfortunately not coming to Splatoon; tons of New Pokemon Snap details; and mooooore!

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TWOOTER: @ArloStuff

This video was edited by the lovely Kane!

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“Reloaded Installer #11” by LHS.


Pikmin app

64DD dev kit

Ken Kutaragi quote

Miyamoto quote

Mario auction

Mario merch going away

Sunshine emulation

Noah Ortega blue coin tracker

Mario theme with Switch sounds

Waikuteru giant BotW “Second Wind” mod

Better VR BotW

Wind Waker orchestrated

Kid Icarus sequel not likely

Funimation coming to UK and Ireland

$400 Switch Pro?

Daft Punk X Splatoon???


AC controller

MH Split Pad Pro

Tencent Switch

Qualcomm also?

New Pokemon Snap deets

Pokemon by country

Reggie leaving Gamestop