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A new Nintendo Switch Pro rumor, new game reveal events, PSN shutdowns, delays, and more in a week full of gaming news.

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0:00 Nintendo Switch 2
02:37 Microsoft Buying Discord?
04:14 Outriders Cheater Punishment
05:02 Old PSN stores
06:20 Back4Blood Delayed
07:52 Reggie bails on GameStop
08:42 Call of Duty 2021 Leaks
09:00 NEW Trailers
11:15 Half-life Alyx Bioshock Mod




Switch specs leaked?

Outriders hilarious cheater response:


Old PSN stores

Call of Duty WW2 again:


Reggie bails on GameStop

Rocket League goes mobile
Future Games Show (including Gollum reveal trailer)

Xbox indie event:


Biomutant Combat Trailer

Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Hitman 3 Seven Deadly Sins

Atomic Heart Photo Mode

2 cool things:

BB 4k

Amazing half life Alyx mod: