PS4 7.55 Jailbreak is coming soon + New Update by Hacker One (The Flow0), Sleirsgoevy and SpecterDev
PS4 Jailbreak: Hacker TheFloW drops big hint about the 7.55 exploit

Hacker One (The Flow0) is back on PS4 7.55 Jailbreak, as well as SpecterDev and Sleirsgeovy also working on this exploit.

Since TheFloW disclosed a kernel exploit for the PS4, compatible with firmware 7.55, the scene has been hard at work to try and reproduce the code (The disclosure process from Sony did not allow TheFloW to release a full proof of concept). Notably, Sleirsgoevy and SpecterDev have both shown they were actively looking into the vulnerability, with SpecterDev in particular regularly sharing his progress on twitch.

Nonetheless, progress has been slow since the vulnerability was publicly revealed in January, and TheFloW had remained pretty silent on the issue (it’ possible the hacker is under some NDA with the bug bounty platform used by Sony, as a condition for the rewards).

That was until today. On twitter, the hacker has shared what appears to be a hint related to the IPV6 vulnerability used for the recent exploit.

Once ready, the exploit will most likely be associated with the Webkit exploit revealed back in December, and that probably means a PS4 Jailbreak is coming in the days to come for 7.55 owners.

Watch the full gameplay scene here

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