The Game Chasers are two friends hunting for retro video games in flea markets, garage sales, game stores, and people’s homes! The Third season sees the guys go to Magfest once again with wild and crazy results. Redneck Chris makes his FIRST Appearance. The Game Room trading post is featured again with a VERY uncommon super Nintendo find, and the guys meet Scott for the first time and travel to Houston. Little Samson!!!!!!

00:00 Return to Magfest Part 1
0:19:57 Return to Magfest Part 2
0:39:09 Oddities off the Beaten Path
0:53:37 Living in a Gamer’s Paradise
1:12:59 Southern Hospitality
1:35:57 City of Scraps Part 1
1:52:09 City of Scraps Part 2
2:11:09 Express Train To Slipville
2:34:00 Nomad’s Land
2:52:56 Bringing Balance to the Force

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Intro and outro theme:

The Game Chasers are 2 friends hunting for retro video game in flea markets, garage sales, game stores and people’s homes! And they are a bunch chodes