In the latest instalment of Digital Foundry Direct Weekly, the team tackle a bunch of new patches, discuss the exciting implications of AMD’s GPU chiplet patent, enthuse about the Pac-Man 99 announcement and ponder the Castlevania Resurrection Dreamcast prototype. The Patreon Supporter Q+A throws up some interesting questions this week like, how do we cope with ‘spiteful criticisms and supposed debunks’…?

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:00 Mortal Shell Patch
00:07:40 Outriders Patch
00:11:33 Cyberpunk 2077 Patch
00:19:35 AMD GPU Chiplet Patent
00:24:15 Pac-Man 99 announcement

Retro Corner
00:26:13 Castlevania Resurrection Dreamcast Prototype Discovered
00:27:47 Tom Got A PVM

DF Content Discussion
00:39:15 Ryzen 3900X to 5950X: Alex’s PC Upgrade
00:51:12 PS5 SSD Load Times Project
00:55:27 Crysis Remastered Next-Gen Patch
00:57:33 Oddworld Soulstorm
01:00:19 Patreon Exclusive Videos

01:01:16 Patreon Supporter Q+A