Acclaim’s Shadow Man was an impressive 1999 tech showcase for N64, with decent PC and Dreamcast versions and a poor PlayStation port – but the game truly shines via its recent remaster thanks to Nightdive Studios. In this DF Retro EX, John Linneman takes us through the game’s origins, what made it special and how the various ports compared. Then we go deep – *really* deep – into the creation of the remaster, where modern rendering technique merge with the original game aesthetic to create something exceptionally impressive.

00:00 – Introduction
01:22 – The Rise of Acclaim
02:31 – Shadow Man Begins Development
03:22 – What is this game about?
05:24 – The first four platforms
09:20 – Original Technical Comparisons
15:19 – Enter: Shadow Man Remastered
20:04 – Showcasing the Level Editor
31:34 – Remastered vs Originals
34:52 – Wrap-up

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