It’s the week’s biggest Nintendo news stories and the Arlopinions that accompany them! In this edition: Nintendo gives us a new Indie World showcase; they also reveal a new color of Switch Lite; Luigi is probably joining his Lego brother; an epic Famicom collection; Retro Studios secures another interesting hire; Reggie trolls everyone; and more!

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TWOOTER: @ArloStuff

This video was edited by the excellent Yoshiller!

“Reloaded Installer #11” by LHS.


Indie World

Retro lighting artist Chad Orr

Pokemon GO iPhone bans

Labo no more?

Microsoft and Nintendo?

Takaya Imamura IGN interview

AC soundtrack

Furukawa–AC and future development

Reggie Mother 3

Blue Switch Lite

Moonpig/Nintendo greeting cards

Hallmark ornaments

Lego Mario calling for Luigi

Nintendo suing hacker

Power A pro controller

Ask Iwata

Mountain Zelda Goats

Mario Kart 8 best in US

Diddy render

SNES music

Complete Famicom collection

Amiibo handbook

Ghibli Zelda

Lego Skull Kid