The developments we’ve seen with the PS2 keep on coming, with the release of MechaPwn being one of the biggest releases we’ve ever seen. MechaPwn is compatible with later retail models of the PS2 (SCPH-5000X and higher) and allows us to easily change the region of the console, with one example being able to switch a NTSC-U console over to an NTSC-J console to play Japanese games. However… What if we could completely unlock the region restrictions? That’s now possible with MechaPwn’s Retail-DEX option, which can convert your retail console to a debug console! This is HUGE as debug consoles are region free, so once converted the PS2 can play PS1 and PS2 imports from any region. No extra applications, swap tricks, or disc patching required for original discs!

Although this video does show the process, do keep in mind utilizing MechaPwn might not be needed or even recommended for all users. It is incredibly important to research the program, thoroughly understand the README on the GitHub page, and decide whether this is right for you. There’s many stipulations to keep in mind when using MechaPwn and improper usage could cause damage to your PS2, or even lock you out of certain homebrew entry points!

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Intro
2:12 – Compatible Consoles
4:29 – Entrypoint Requirements
6:24 – Region Unlocking Limitations
7:38 – Modchips & MechaPwn
8:23 – MechaPwn Setup
10:42 – MechaPwn Install
16:41 – Playing PS2 Imports
19:35 – Playing PS1 Imports
20:51 – Playing PS1 Backups
22:53 – Playing PS2 Backups
28:48 – Reverting Back to Stock
31:03 – Outro


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