It’s the week’s biggest Nintendo news stories and the Arlopinions that accompany them! In this edition: Nintendo reveals Pac-Man 99; E3 is back and Nintendo will be there; Amongimal Ussing; literally the biggest Switch ever; an incredible Metroid fan project looks so good it hurts; the Switch might be in short supply soon; Super Nintendo World is already having to limit visitors; and MORE!

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TWOOTER: @ArloStuff

This video was edited by the excellent Yoshiller!

“Reloaded Installer #11” by LHS.

Nintendo at E3

Nintendo focus

Potential Switch shortages

New Switch dock?

Switch Bluetooth?

eShop emergency maintenance

NSO overview trailer

$660k Mario

Seventh fighter?

New Pokemon Snap gameplay

First 4 Revali

Nintendo World limitations

Super Nintendo World Hollywood being built

Hori Ring Fit mat

Pac-Man 99

No More Heroes 3 broadcast

AC 7-Eleven figures

AC Build-a-Bear

Prime 2D demo

OoT but Wind Waker

Animal Crossing Among Us

Tiny Link house

Nintendo HQ replica

Giant Switch