Recent awesome developments in the PS1 homebrew community have come in the form of tonyhax and FreePSXBoot. Both of these allow users to easily play imports and backups on compatible consoles without the need for any physical installs or modifications. I’ve covered both of these developments in several videos but I’ve been asked this question countless times: What about multi-disc games? In this video I perform a test using FreePSXBoot as well as both methods of tonyhax to show you all whether or not multi-disc game swapping works.

This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Intro
2:40 – FreePSXBoot
5:07 – tonyhax with Game Save
7:37 – tonyhax with FreePSXBoot
10:00 – Outro


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