FreePSXBoot is yet another awesome softmod for the original PlayStation console which allows you to safely and easily boot up import and backup games like never before. No need to open up a console, pick up a soldering iron, swap discs with precise timing, block sensors, or look for a Parallel I/O cartridge to use UniROM with! Unlike the previous tonyhax softmod we looked at, FreePSXBoot relies only on a modified memory card and can be booted right from the BIOS Main Menu. Don’t think we’re leaving tonyhax behind, you can boot tonyhax using FreePSXBoot, no longer requiring a specific game to boot a modified save!

This involves restoring a custom made image for a PS1 memory card to a memory card of your own choosing. Although several methods exist for flashing an image to a PS1 memory card, the most accessible method people might have would be using a modified PS2. This tutorial will step through the process of using a PS2 to copy a memory card image from a USB drive to a PS1 memory card. This will also show how to use both variations of FreePSXBoot with UniROM and tonyhax. Finally, this will cover a method of uninstalling FreePSXBoot which should be accessible for many people out there!

It is important to note this does not work on EVERY console. The following consoles are confirmed to be compatible:

– Every European (PAL) PS1 Console
– Every North American (NTSC-U) Console

The following consoles are NOT compatible:

– Every Japanese (NTSC-J) PS1 Console
– Every PS2 Console

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Intro
2:08 – Compatible Consoles
3:44 – Prerequisites
5:29 – Setup
13:17 – Install
15:57 – FreePSXBoot Usage
18:33 – tonyhax Usage
20:36 – Uninstall
23:38 – Outro


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