In this video we’ll check out the new NESPi 4 NES-Style Cartridge shells for the NESPi 4 case. Retroflag currently offers two different colors, grey and gold. We’ll take a look at each, the included sleeve and use it to install Recalbox. For more information, please see this page:

NESPi4 Setup Guide:
(much more information on this page, including: NESPi 4 Assembly video, Safe Shutdown scripts, 3D printed case, labels and more)

00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – Unboxing
02:02 – Assembly
03:30 – Image Recalbox
04:22 – Recalbox boot
05:00 – Important notes
05:22 – Brief Game-play in Recalbox on the NESPi 4
06:08 – Conclusion

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Items Shown in this video
* RETROFLAG NES Cartridge (select GREY or GOLD):
* RETROFLAG Raspberry Pi 4 Case NESPi 4:
* Lepow 15.6 Inch Full HD 1080P USB Type-C Portable Display: (My Video review of this monitor is here: )

* NESPi4 Setup Guide:
* RetroFlag NESPi 4 Case page:
* Raspberry Pi 4/400 Retro Gaming page:

Raspberry Pi Imager:

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