YouTube and the internet are freaking out this morning because the Arcade1up Simpsons cabinet has been confirmed for the 1 Millionth time. Here’s all you need to know…

Details on The Simpson Cabinet so far:

Monitor: 17″ LCD

Games: The Simpsons and Simpsons Bowling

Note: Reports are now saying “Simpsons Bowling” is not confirmed but I believe it’s 100% going to be on the cabinet. How else do you explain the trackball? Plus, this was spoken about and teased several times in the past by John D. of A1UP.

Note: 3rd game “Simpsons Tapper” was talked about but never officially confirmed.

Price: $599 (Subject to change, but this is the latest info)

Marquee: Light Up

Riser: Included

WiFi: Multiplayer Capability (Play with a friend) / Over the Air Firmware Updates? / Both Games Wifi Enabled? (Unknown at this time)

Coin Door: Molded Plastic (Non-Functional)

Stool: Probably based on the package from specific retailers
(you may see it packaged without it as well)

Tin Sign: No idea what this is; there haven’t been any pictures; this could be exclusive to a specific retailer.

Note: Arcade1up likes to offer different bundles to have retailer exclusive packages for differentiation, so I would expect the Simpsons cabinet to be no different.


Link to the Article:

Check out my buddy Gabe’s Article over at Gamespot:


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