The FunKeyS is without a doubt the smallest retro gaming handheld I’ve ever owned. While it’s small, it is relatively powerful, includes 13 emulators and you can add more including MAME! Let’s see how it performs!

FunKey S Links
* Project page:
* Link to 3rd Party Emulators (including MAME):
* FunKey Wiki:

00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – Unboxing
01:16 – Features
02:22 – Size Comparison
02:57 – Emulators
03:46 – Basic Functions
04:54 – Copy Games
06:20 – Funkey S Project Website
06:48 – Update Firmware
07:10 – Game Play
11:00 – Install MAME Emulator
13:30 – Conclusion

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