PS3Xploit brings homebrew to all models of the PS3 in the form of HEN, short for Homebrew Enabler! PS3HEN works on ANY retail model of PS3 as long as your console is on firmware 4.88 or lower. This tutorial will walk you through the process of installing 4.88 HFW, a hybrid firmware build of 4.88 which will allow you to install and run the required files. After being installed, this will cover the actual installation of PS3HEN, homebrew installation, and some quick tips on how to use PS3HEN!

Although this tutorial was recorded on firmware 4.88, the installation process is the same on higher firmwares as long as all of the software needed has been updated. The only difference would be a higher version of HFW and PS3HEN would need to be used. If the video title and description shows a higher firmware number than what is shown in the video, that means PS3HEN and HFW have been updated for that specific version.

Keep in mind this is not the equivalent of a full custom firmware (CFW) or jailbreak! PS3HEN does not have the full access CFW contains, but much of the functionality people are looking for is available on PS3HEN. Not all homebrew will work on PS3HEN, some of it will require either resigning to 3.55 or will need an update from the author.

As a final warning directly from the PS3Xploit team themselves: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ENABLE FSM (Factory Service Mode) OR INSTALL CCAPI ON A PS3 WITH PS3HEN!

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Intro
1:33 – Prerequisites
3:38 – Note for Future Firmware Updates
4:26 – Software Setup
10:53 – Installing HFW
14:51 – Optional System Activation
16:28 – Installing PS3HEN
20:41 – Enabling PS3HEN
21:48 – Installing Homebrew
26:40 – Basic PS3HEN Usage
29:29 – Outro & Thanks


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