In this video we’ll take a look at the PowKiddy V90 retro gaming handheld. When I bought this device, MAME vertical games would not scale correctly. That was, until I updated the firmware. This device is reminiscent of the Game Boy Advance SP but can play thousands of games on multiple emulators. In this video, we’ll take this ~$30-$50 handheld and update it with the most recent firmware and have an awesome (and cheap) little retro-gaming handheld!

00:00 – Intro
01:06 – Unboxing / Functionality
04:53 – Game Play
09:52 – Custom Firmware Installation
13:00 – Look at Custom Firmware
15:33 – Outro

V90 Links
* AliExpress – Cheaper but will take awhile to receive it:
* Amazon – More expensive, but faster/easier returns:
* Custom Firmware Link:
* Custom Firmware Setup Guide:

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