In this video, I check out the latest piece of magic from the yuzu emulator team, Project Hades.

This is the code name for their new Shader Decompiler Rewrite, and it has delivered on some seriously hefty promises made over the past few months.

This update brings with it hundreds of Game Compatibility, Rendering, Performance and Stability fixes for all of their Graphics Rendering APIs (Vulkan, GLSL and Assembly Shaders). It also greatly improves the speed at which Vulkan builds shaders (Way less stutter in games), while also adding a disk shader cache for the same API.

Get the LM3 Disable Dynamic Resolution Mod here

To fix the texture issues in Catherine Full Body, you need to go to General/Debug, Enable CPU Debugging, go to the CPU tab at the top of this section, then disable (Untick) “Enable Context Elimination”.

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