Some exciting topics all over the place as old as the PSP to as new as the PS5 for this spooky episode of ModChat! We start things off with yet another PS Vita homebrew port, this being Final Fantasy V’s Android build now ported to the Vita. We also get a two-for-one special with a new WebKit exploit released which covers both the PS4 AND PS5! A Sega Saturn emulator for the Switch was discovered and… This one is an official emulator?! And a good one at that?! However the Switch news doesn’t stop there, since we’ve got the Switch OLED Model released, we also got to see that get modified day one! The Xbox 360 sees some love with an awesome homebrew game release of PADDLE MEYHEM! CheatDevice gets the remastered treatment for the PSP, and we finish off with some awesome interactive board layer scans of the Switch hardware now for all to enjoy.




0:00 – Intro
1:22 – Final Fantasy V Unofficial Vita Port
3:14 – PS4 9.00 WebKit Exploit
8:15 – PS5 21.02-04.03 WebKit Exploit
12:10 – Saturn Emulator Discovered for Switch
17:38 – Switch OLED Model Successfully Modded
24:26 – PADDLE MEYHEM Xbox 360 Homebrew
26:10 – CheatDevice Remastered for PSP
32:42 – Interactive Switch Console Board Layers
36:17 – Outro


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