In this video, we’ll check out the Legends Core Plus which includes a pre-release firmware update for Haptic Feedback / Rumble while playing Pinball games! You can play the included 100 licensed games, add pinball volumes or thousands more games using CoinOpsX. We’ll play some games (arcade and pinball) and look at other ways you can use this product. For the latest how-to and additional information, check out the AtGames Legends Core Guide at:

*NOTE : The current Legends Core Plus available at the Sam’s Club and on the AtGames E-Store doesn’t have the haptic feedback on the gamepad. AtGames is working on a firmware update and will release it in 2022 for customers who have already purchased this product or the GamePad alone to update their gamepad with the haptic feedback.

00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Unboxing
02:25 – Setup
03:20 – Pre-installed Games
03:51 – Tabs + Settings
04:18 – Flash Drive X + CoinOpsX
05:33 – Game Play
06:20 – GamePad Haptic Feedback / Rumble
07:24 – Arcade Games
09:30 – CoinOpsX Game Play
10:48 – Outro

Where to find a Legends Core Plus:
* Sam’s Club :
* AtGames:

* Legends Core Guide:
* Legends Gamer Mini Guide:
* Legends Ultimate Mini Guide:
* Main Legends Ultimate Guide:
* Main Legends Pinball Guide:
* CoinOpsX Guide:

* Samsung MUF-256AB/AM FIT Plus 256GB (Flash drive I’m using):

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