In this video we’ll Setup the Retroflag PiStation PS1 style case! This case by RetroFlag includes a 4.3″ LCD display and turns your Pi 4 into an awesome Retro Gaming option. If you need assistance setting up RetroPie, Recalbox or Batocera please see this guide:

00:00 – Intro
00:25 – Unboxing + Tour
02:05 – Case Setup
05:11 – Power on the PiStation
05:31 – Safe Shutdown Script
06:42 – Display adjustment
07:17 – Brief Game Play
08:51 – Outro

Items Shown
* RetroFlag PiStation with 4.3″ LCD Display:
* Retroflag 5v 3A USB-C Power supply:
* Pi 4, Heatsinks & Fan (CanaKit):
* Gigastone 128GB 2-pack microSD cards:

* Setup RetroPie, Recalbox or Batocera with this guide + videos:
* Retroflag shutdown script:

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