In this episode, we take a look at a product by a now-defunct company called Big Electronic Games Ltd. In 2005 they created the first 3/4 scale at home arcade product but was it successful? How did it compare to a company like Arcade1up that launched in 2018? We will take a look at the product and do a little comparison to how it stacks up against the current market leader, Arcade1up.

The product came in 3 variants:

Golden Tee*

Note: I forgot to mention the Golden Tee Variant in the video.

Link to the original installation manual:

Link to a press release article around product launch:

Note: According to the article above the product was offered at the following retailers:

Linens ‘n Things, JCPenney, Target, Sports Authority,,, and E-Toy.

I stated it was only Target but that’s all I can find proof of but it might have been offered at other retail locations according to this article.


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