The speculation of a Christmas release has come early: a new PS4 jailbreak working on firmware 9.00 from ChendoChap, laureeeeeee, Specter, and Znullptr! We discuss the release, some exciting bonuses alongside it, and demonstrate it here on this episode of ModChat. Along with discussing the recent jailbreak release, this episode also includes a buying guide of sorts to help people track down a low firmware PS4, similar to the previous episodes made for new firmware updates.




0:00​ – Intro
1:14 – PS4 9.00 Jailbreak Release
7:00 – pOOBs4 Demonstration
12:14 – Finding a Low Firmware PS4
14:05 – Disabling Automatic Firmware Updates
17:26 – PS4 System Update Release Date
​19:12 – Looking for Brand New Consoles
23:25 – Looking for Used Consoles
28:04 – Looking for Broken Consoles
31:05 – To Update or Not?


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