How to run a full linux distro on your Jailbroken PS4 on 9.00 or lower firmware, allowing you to run PC games, Streaming services & More Emulators.

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PS4 Controller Bluetooth Setup Guide by bbqtool:

PS4 Cemu Emulator Setup Tutorial:

Hosts with Linux Loader:
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My Edited version of Fedora 32:

Other Distros
Original Fedora 32 Tron Edition by ITmania:
Psxitarch by Ps3itaTeam updated by Hippie68:
Manjaro by ITmania:
Lubuntu by ITmania:
Mint by ITmania:
Gentoo by Greez Mircoho:

Hippie68’s initramfs.cpio.gz:

bzimage (used in video):
bzimage for broken WiFi:
More bzimage’s:

4.14 bzimage (Aeolia/Belize):
4.14 bzimage (Baikal):

AOMEI Partition Assistant:

0:00 – Intro
2:29 – USB Setup
6:24 – PS4 Setup
7:45 – Installing Linux on PS4
14:38 – Customizing Settings
17:09 – Updating the distro
19:12 – Setting up Swap Space
22:30 – Running Emulators
25:59 – Running PC Games
29:42 – Fixing Broken PC Games
33:39 – Outro
Outro: Paul Flint – Sock It To Them –
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