In today’s video, we’ll connect the BitPixel HV for the Legends Pinball to a PC and use it as a full DMD in Pinball FX3. That is, you can install the Pixelcade PinDMD software on the PC which will direct the DMD imagery to the BitPixel HV. This is a pretty cool option for the Legends Pinball. A written guide to accompany this video may be found here:
Pinball FX3 Setup Video+Guide here:

Instructions from Pixelcade for FX3 and Visual Pinball may be found here:

00:00 – Intro
00:48 – Pixelcade PinDMD Installer Setup
02:39 – Pinball FX3 Tweaks
03:27 – Check out the DMD
06:20 – Outro

Additional Guides
* Main Legends Ultimate Guide:
* Main Legends Pinball Guide:
* CoinOpsX Guide:

* AtGames BitPixel HV Page:

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