The conspiracy that ended Ferranti, the extra video with the Curiosity Stream bundle:

Two of Europe´s most important computer companies during the 80s, and an entire Gaming Industry, can be traced back to a personal beef. A conflict between two men that would leave a mark on gaming and technology to this day.

En Español:

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – An unexpected star product
3:12 – Moving to computers
5:14 – The ZX80
6:40 – The ZX81
9:00 – The BBC contract
11:52 – Birth of a legend
16:45 – The Baron of the Beef
18:06 – The Legacy

Events slightly adjusted or exaggerated for narrative (or dramatic) purpose.

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The ZX Spectrum Ula: How to Design a Microcomputer by Christopher David Smith
Interview with Chris Curry:
Micro Men commentary with Chris Curry, Steve Furber and Hermann Hauser:
On the Sinclair failure rates alleged by Acorn on the ad:
On the keyboard design:
On the gaming debate inside Sinclair:
On semiconductor manufacture: