The All-New Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Is the fastest Android tablet we’ve ever tested! With a 14.6” Super AMOLED Screen up to 16GB of ram and the new snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU the Tab S8 Ultra is a powerhouse and in this video, we do an unboxing, Go over the specs, Test some 4K Youtube video playback, Test some native android games like Grid Autosport for android, Call Od Duty Mobile and Genshin Impact along with all of that we see how well it handles high-end emulator like PSP using PPSSPP, Wii using the Dolphin EMulator and PS2 using AetherSX2, Spoiler alert it runs it all amazingly! Oh yeah we also test out Samsung DEX on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

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02:57-One Ui 4.1 Performance
03:43-4K Youtube Video Playback
04:32-Benchmarks Tab S8 Ultra Vs Tab S7+
05:32-Call Of Duty Mobile Tab S8 Ultra
06:07-Grid AutoSport Android Port
06:37-Genshin Impact Tab S8 Ultra
07:08-PSP Emulation PPSSPP Tab S8 Ultra
07:34-Wii Emulation Dolphin Emulator Tab S8 Ultra
08:02-PS2 Emulation AetherSX2 Tab S8 Ultra
08:30-Tab S8 Ultra Case Keyboard Cover
09:34-Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Samsung DEX
09:54-HDMI Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra & DEX
10:05-First Impression Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

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Soldering Station:
Raspberry Pi 4:
Flirc Case:

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