Well, that didn’t take long. The desktop version of EmulationStation works really well with the Steam Deck, and allows you to streamline your emulation setup on this impressive handheld. Plus it works in perfect sync with EmuDeck, allowing you to have preconfigured emulation settings AND multiple options when it comes to organizing your ROM library. In this video we’ll go over basic setup, add artwork, and improve how it displays in SteamOS.

Written guide with all the links: https://retrogamecorps.com/2022/03/30/emulationstation-on-steam-deck-showcase-and-guide/

My EmuDeck video: https://youtu.be/LIP-DF9K2SM
EmulationStation Desktop Edition: https://www.es-de.org/
ES-DE user guide: https://gitlab.com/leonstyhre/emulationstation-de/-/blob/master/USERGUIDE.md

00:00 introduction
01:38 installation and EmuDeck setup
05:26 EmulationStation setup
07:22 scraping and some configuration
11:52 configure ES for SteamOS UI
16:29 testing ES in handheld/gaming mode
18:57 themes showcase
19:42 summary & conclusion

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