The MX4SIO project is a newer development we’ve seen in recent years which allows users to adapt a SD card or microSD card for use on the PS2’s Memory Card port. While this isn’t intended to be a replacement for a Memory Card, one of the biggest benefits we look at in this review is the ability to load PS2 games through the Memory Card port using OPL! While OPL has several great methods of loading PS2 games through an internal hard drive, network share, or a USB drive, the last one mentioned there seems to be a favorite despite slower read speeds. This project changes that by combining the convenience of USB loading with higher read speeds, eliminating longer loading times and choppy FMV playback known to plague USB loading.

This review specifically delves into Helder’s own take on the MX4SIO with the MC2SIO, a $20 USD pre-built solution that can be used for OPL and loading PS2 games once you bring your own properly configured microSD card. Helder’s Game Tech was awesome enough to send one of these over to the channel to review, so in this video we take a look at his MC2SIO adapter and see if this thing is really worth the money?

Review Disclosure: This is not a sponsored video. No money was exchanged for the hardware shown in this video or promotion. The product reviewed in this video was provided for free by Helder’s Game Tech for purposes of review.

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Introduction
2:20 – USB is best, right?
3:35 – How can we address USB loading’s problems?
4:47 – MX4SIO Background
7:11 – MC2SIO Review Disclosure
7:37 – FreeMCBoot Recommendations
9:08 – Using Specific OPL Builds
11:01 – The Good Stuff
15:11 – The Bad Stuff
19:45 – Final Thoughts


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