In this video we’ll setup RetroPie 4.8 on a Raspberry Pi 4 from beginning to end. RetroPie allows you to play all those classic Arcade, Console and Retro Systems that you grew up with. For the latest Raspberry Pi 4 Gaming information and links, please visit:

This Video is for Educational purposes only.

00:00 – Intro
00:53 – Quick RetroPie update info.
01:20 – Overview
02:35 – Install RetroPie
05:25 – Software Setup
06:56 – File Copy Methods
11:06 – Basic Operation
12:38 – Pi as an Arcade
13:12 – RetroPie Tips
14:02 – Outro

More Information
• RetroPie 4.8 Release notes:
• RetroPie Tips:
• RetroPie Guide:

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• DeskPi Lite Case with Pi4 (4GB), 32GB microSD, power supply (Amazon):
• Raspberry Pi 400 Computer kit (Amazon):
• 128GB Micro SD Card (Amazon):
• SamData 32GB USB Flash Drives 2 Pack (Amazon):

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