In this episode, I take a quick trip to Vegas with Cole (Manger at Castles and Coasters in Phoenix, AZ). We’re visiting for the Amusement Expo International (AEI) show in Vegas. the industry’s most influential conference and trade show dedicated specifically to the Amusement Entertainment Industry.

The goal is simple, scout out the latest and greatest Arcade Games for the Castles and coasters Arcade!

Featured Exhibit Areas:

Coin-Operated Amusements, Music, Games & ATMs
Family Entertainment Centers (FEC)
Virtual Reality
Bulk Vending
Laser Tag
Professional Service Providers & Suppliers

They also have big vendors like Raw Thrills, SEGA and Incredible Technologies!

[Vendors Featured in this Episode]


LAI Games:

VAR Box:

Retro Arcade LLC: ?

Incredible Technologies:

UNIS Technologies:


VR eSport Arena:

Quick Shot: ?

VR Bike, VR Gatling gun, and Thril Ride: ?


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