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The inventor of the microprocessor goes rouge leaves Intel to create his dream product.

0:00 Intro
0:25 The invention of the Microprocessor
3:37 Birth of Zilog
6:41 The legendary Z80
10:05 Copycat traps
12:49 Exxon strikes

Events slightly adjusted or exaggerated for narrative (or dramatic) purpose.

Video en EspaƱol:


Zilog Z80 microprocessor oral history panel:
Faggin, Federico oral history:


Research and Writing: LowSpecAlex
Voice over: LowSpecAlex
Editing: Henrique von Buren, LowSpecAlex
3D animation: Windy
Art: Maiku no Koe
Spanish Translation, Audio editing and QA: Henrique von Buren
Camera work: Victor Candela, LowSpecAlex
Thumbnail design: The Tales Foundry

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Shinra Coporation Music Remake by Enrico Deiana

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