The first major update to the Retroid Pocket 2+ is about to launch as an OTA update and I think it is amazing. The Retroid Pocket 2+ is now hands down the most user-friendly gaming device on the market today by a long shot with this massive new update. In this video, I showcase the biggest changes in the OTA update and do a new user guide for the Retroid Pocket 2+.

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Open Lara Guide –

OpenRTC2 Guide –

Serious Sam Guide –

New OTA Features – 00:00
Guide Intro/Getting the Update – 04:16
New User Wizard – 06:08
ROM Directories / Transfering ROMs – 06:50
ROM Launcher Walkthrough – 09:24
Auto Config / Hotkeys – 12:27
Launcher Customization – 15:41
Google Play – 16:54
Standalone Emulators & Apps – 17:35
Dolphin Config / Guide – 23:23

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