The AOKZOE is an upcoming Ryzen 7 6800U handheld PC that will release in September. In this video we’ll take an early look at its build quality, performance, and ergonomics, and see whether their Kickstarter campaign is worth considering.

Kickstarter campaign:
AOKZOE A1 giveaway:

The Phawx’s 6800U TDP video:

AOKZOE lent me this prototype for review; all opinions are my own and they are not seeing this footage before release.

00:00 introduction
01:55 first impressions
06:09 comparison with other handhelds
08:55 setup and thermals
11:22 PC game testing
16:21 GameCube and PS2 testing
17:39 PS3 and Wii U testing
19:24 Switch and Xbox testing
21:00 Batocera testing
22:58 summary and conclusion

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