Coin, ops, legends three: this is the max edition. There are some smaller editions as well, but this one look at this: over 653 arcade games over 103 console games new artwork, more more optimization, day and night mode that i’m about to share with you uh.

If you’re looking for an arcade experience plug and play easy to change, shaders things like that, well organized lots of packs out there, Then look no further uh they’re, always doing anything. A new theme has been added, um, there’s a bunch of little little things here and there that um are cool. It’s great to see new things being added, it’s great to see.

Innovations, it’s great to you, know, bring these things to the next level. So, let’s go ahead and check out this night and day mode, really quick and then we’ll go ahead and check out more of the build And what’s in what’s included and what’s in the file system and everything else, so all right! So right now you have a glass effect, there’s even like a little smudge or uh scuff effect on there as well, and it’s daytime right. So, let’s exit out, let’s head over to settings and you can see in the bottom right corner over here we have a sun, And so the sun means you’re on daylight in that bottom right corner there.

When we hit this day night button here in settings, it should now be a moon there. You go, you see the little slice of moon there in the bottom right, and so now, let’s go back to all games here. What we’re playing we’re playing, marvel, vs, capcom! So i’m hitting the right trigger to go jump letters.

Let’s go down to marvel vs capcom over here And now that we’re in night mode they actually turn off the glass effect and they add a glow effect and then the marquee itself is um. You know a vignette is, is you know way less uh the bright the brightness is way lower and so depending on what you know, whether you’re playing these games during the day or the night? And if you Have light on in your room or not um, you can uh play with these settings so pretty cool. Now.

Obviously, some people like to run their own combination of how the game should look, and so with that you just want to go to advanced settings and you can turn on all kinds of shaders and effects totally built in here. You know: coin ops was built around the arcade experience, and so this is just one way to experience it, but I think a lot of People who use use this for the plug-and-play um kind of uh. They use it as plug-and-play right they don’t mess around with any of the other settings.

That’s how they use this setup. Then you’re gon na love that right, it’s something you just click and not worry about right, so other than the themes we have. You know i’ll show you all these themes.

You also have the day of night mode and settings and then, as you go right, you have your different uh categories. Right, you have all games with every single game, included. 745 total games.

All the arcade games are 653, so that’s going to include some um. You know not like the mario kart uh gt is in here you’re, also going to have some neo geo in here, uh there’s even afterburner climax, which is a ps3 game. But then you’re gon na have all those classic main games as well.

So there’s just a ton of collection here um of arcade games. Then you move on to consoles here and as you see you got 103 console games. I think there’s something like 30 new console games added, so the old one had like around 70 or so don’t quote me on that, but that’s about what we’re looking at there i’ll go ahead and go through these console games uh, because you know That those there’s 30, new ones and honestly, I can’t pick which 30 it is so here’s some game and watch games and uh so far, i’m really liking it.

This particular theme I really like it. I like marquise, I think marquis are really cool. Looking so um we got the legend of zelda for snes and nes, so it looks like the nintendo logo is slightly different.

That was something that oh, they have another um a dream. Uh, I want to say dreamcast, but um gamecube game Uh. All right.

You got some more snes and then usually you can tell what console it is. So you might got mario kart double dash. Uh marvel vs capcom, so some really solid, strong games on here and these are all hand selected.

The the games – i’m not sure who goes with those but based on what i’m looking at these – are Very popular games for their for their time and then some are cult, classics as well, so super mario sunshine, nice, and this is on a pc. You should be able to run most these games on even kind of a mediocre computer um. Oh you even have street fighter 4 on here all right and they got wavery 64.

. Isn’t that the grand theft auto guy on there uh wild guns, Zero, gunner, two and then zombies ate my neighbors and then okay, so they have afterburner climax in both favorites. So you can hit start on your controller and add anything to your favorites.

You even have last played over here, and then you have your different these. This has been with coin ops forever, which is um or for a long time, which is the the five or six categories. Let me see what these are again.

You have uh old School arcade games, you got, beat em up, arcade games, you got run and gun and you can see in the bottom right corner how many games are in each category here, fight club, you got 81 shoot them up. So you got 138 racing games, you got 52 and then sports games. You got 38 and look at these little icons coming out on the left side here, jumping in on you.

Those are pretty cool and then puzzle, games 28. . So back when you go to just arcade, there’s 653 games it’s hard to scroll Through here.

You can hit your right, your triggers, at the top of your controller, to jump letters pretty quickly. But if you, you know scroll through 600 games a lot right so, for example, if you’re in fight club over here, do you want a mortal kombat. You could just scroll down and then find martial comma.

You got one two three and ultimate all there. You just have to go over to your letters, such a cool game, All right. So here we are the coin.

Ops teams presents play player, legends three max and you can see here what they have to say. Everything from the day and night mode, auto hide playlist characters. We saw those pop out reordered, playlists, selective executables.

We saw the five or you’re about to see the five and then here are the game: breakdowns uh, the theme breakdowns uh. You could jump through this video. I’m covering all most this, these things here, some second model, Three there’s three games, which I thought and then dolphin triforce, two, that’s like this, the the um mario kart game, oh and then four pc games have been added.

Now, if you look that’s something I didn’t mention earlier, which is there’s 16 playlists now and now, there’s a spot for pinball and there’s a spot for pc games. So you know whatever it is half-life or or pinball games or Alex the kid guacamelee. The new teenage ninja turtles game and then here are those five executables how they uh play them and then how many games are in each uh category.

So here is the file system here and uh. Really, where you’re going to spend much time, is you have five executable files right here? So you have the three which are going to be all your games, and these are little micro, smaller Uh they’re not going to be all your games in there and there’s a couple ways if you want. You know a lot of different options.

A lot of menus versus not you can play around with those we’re going to be using all playlists for this video um. You know your emulators are here. Your uh roms are going to be in collections, and then you also have advanced configurations all kinds of stuff.

This is what makes coin ops so cool um. You can change the super mario 64 edition, Which you’re using or how it shows up and uh. You got bezels, you name it, and then you have the really cool new day and night mode included as well.

All right, so, let’s check out themes here. First, we have the cabinet and mark key theme. You can actually change the themes and settings in the front end.

You don’t have to do it in the file system, like i’m doing it opening the file. But here you go, you see the marquee on the right. You can see the cabinet on the left, you Get the video snap or the you know the video preview and on the thing and then you can see here, i’m changing categories.

What it looks like going between you know, arcade games and things like that. This is one of my favorite themes. Just because I love marquees, I think marquees are very classic so again remember you can easily change these a different way going through settings.

I’ll show you how to do that earlier in the video, but I want to show it to you this way, because Now I can show you a full screen of each exact uh one, so you can see like the full screen experience right. So here you go. You got the wheel on the right, you got the cat.

The left side is the same as the last one and as you scroll the video uh, you can still hear the sound and everything from the previous video and then changing the categories is very similar. So what do we have now we have um. I couldn’t even read that But uh.

What do we have here? I could probably figure it out. Okay, this is the default yeah. So this is what you get when you just boot up.

If you don’t change the theme at all, a lot of this video was recorded in default, as well as the marquee, so um yeah the default just at the top it scrolls. I believe this next one is the fast version of this, and just look how fast that is like it’s fast. That’s fast! That thing Can move um, so we’re very well optimized.

If you just want to get around the games, you just want a fast front. End click fast, look, no further! It’s pretty cool! Now! Uh next theme we have here. I think this is muted yep see no, it’s basically the default theme, but muted right.

I I you know. I guess somebody wants that. I don’t know it’s not what i’m looking for, but i’m sure there’s somebody out there.

That’s Looking for that um. I think this next one is spin, something like a hyperspin type of type of feel to it, but uh. Oh it’s at the top spin, so it spins at the top.

So instead of the top being a horizontal, it’s a wheel right. So it’s like the default, but it has a wheel up at the top. I think the next one is vertical yeah.

So it’s like the default, but the uh menu is on the right there and I know i’m oversimplifying it. There Might be other changes that they have to do to fit everything in and get it to work, but that’s the overall navigation and then last but not least uh. This is more the hyperspin right is you got the wheel on the right, i’m over man game over all right coin: ops, legends 3! Max! Look at this bezel work here, beautiful stuff! When you load different games, you got the day and night mode.

Let’s try this one hard corpse. Let’s look at the marquee here, you know the artwork here is great. That’s why it’s only available in 16:9 resolution.

Is they make all this stuff custom? You know for this experience, hd um, you know you can see here. I got you know bezels on and uh. It looks great right, Um all the emulators and everything from the dreamcast you know consoles arcades is all set up even got doom on here as well.

You got earthworm gym and you got so many great classic games and uh so the hand selection of games the artwork on both marques and on the front end here the optimizations being used. I love the day and night mode. I mean they really do uh.

They go all out on this stuff and not only do they go All out, but they test their stuff. I know this build has been floating around for a few weeks now and I know it just finally got released to the masses, so they do their work. They do their testing, they don’t just throw out stuff for no reason or you know, without testing it and then everything’s broken.

So there you go, i’m digging it. You know. Is it worth the upgrade? I mean you’re gon na get some optimizations you’re gon na get that one new theme you’re Gon na get the new games you’re gon na get.

You know some little things in advanced files. You know little things here and there um for at only a 62 gigabyte download. You know if, if you have decent, you know internet speed, I would go for it right.

Checking out CoinOPS Legends Max 3. Easy to grab and setup and the next thing you know you are in retro gaming bliss. These builds incorporate massive graphical improvements in both speed and quality, thanks in large part to all of the incredible contributors on the CoinOPS Project Discord. Mame, Capcom, centipede, mortal kombat, 1984, Sega Model 2,3, Dafne, Mario Kart GP and more.

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