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The real story behind the origins of the PlayStation is one of internal fights, personal missions and industry clash that would take three unlikely heroes into the adventure of a lifetime.

The Fight for the PlayStation controller:

0:00 Intro
0:38 Ohga
3:00 Kutaragi
4:30 The Famicom incident
11:56 Developing the PlayStation
14:40 Seducing game devs
17:43 Secret Weapon
20:19 The pricing incident

Big thanks to Caddicarus for his cameo:


Research and Writing: LowSpecAlex, F4mi
Voice over: LowSpecAlex, Caddicarus
Editing: Henrique von Buren, LowSpecAlex
3D animation: Windy, Divye
Art: Maiku no Koe
Spanish Translation, Audio editing and QA: Henrique von Buren
Camera work: LowSpecAlex
Thumbnail design: Maiku no Koe

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Asakura, Reiji (2000). Revolutionaries at Sony: The Making of the Sony PlayStation

Clips used:
Wheel of Fortune:
Winning Run:
Virtua Fighter:
PS startup screen:
Super Mario:

Music by Epidemic Sound:
Stock Footage from Getty