Today we’ll install Windows to a microSD for use on the Steam Deck with full driver support, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Display, Audio and SD. This video will step you through the installation process and you can find a full written guide/tutorial at with all the links you’ll need!

00:00 – Intro
00:59 – Getting Started
01:36 – Create Windows ISO
02:55 – Create Windows MicroSD Image
05:30 – Boot Windows
07:44 – Install Drivers
11:18 – Usage Tips
12:03 – Brief Steam Game Play
13:17 – Outro

This video is for Educational Purposes only!

The Steam Deck Guide at WTT:

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* Steam Deck TPU Protective Case (Amazon):
* Foldable Keyboard, iClever BK08 Bluetooth Keyboard (Amazon):

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