Hey all! In this video we take a look at the Gulikit Kingkong 2 pro controller.

You can check it hout here: https://amzn.to/3A9jucH
GuliKit Kingkong controller (No drift stick)
US: http://amzla.com/qe1jv15205kn
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Product description:
🎮 【New Patented:】 🎮 1. Electromagnetic Stick-The first wireless controller with HALL Sensor Joystick of GuliKit–Electromagnetic Stick without any drift. 🎮 2. Exclusive FPS mode: 100 % no dead zone on stick center and outer ring area. Especially FPS games on Windows PC for fast aiming.
🎮 【Multiple Platform:】 Switch / Windows / Andriod /Compatible: Compatible with Switch, Windows (PC X-input / PC D-input) / IOS / MacOS and Android. Support wired and wireless connection. It provides motion sensing to motion-sensing video games, such as Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Fortnite, animal crossing – new horizons, the Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, etc
🎮 【Advanced Design:】 ZR, ZL buttons can be adjusted to make it shooting fast, highly accurate, contactless, long life and perfect hand feeling! Quick interchange of A-B, X-Y buttons function suits your gaming habit no matter it’s Switch or PC games; stick sensitivity setting(such as L3, R3) support stick sensitivity adjustment, no worries about wrong crosshair aiming.
🎮 【APG Button(Auto Pilot Gaming):】 Special AI Key, learn your operations,one-key setup for unique skill, game currency acquisition and more playing ways. Gulikit kingkong 2 NS09 allows a record of operations (Max. 10 minutes) and then it will auto-run with hands-free. This is perfect for any time consuming repeated actions and quick actions.
🎮 【Perfect Curve & Comfortable hand feeling:】 Steel ring on sticks, smooth feeling. The gamepad comes with non-slip design like an original Switch pro controller. The perfect ergonomic grip feels to make game-time easy and long. The ergonomic design of the wireless controller for Switch / Switch OLED / Switch Lite supports vibration adjustment for the best gaming hand feeling.
🎮 【Vibration & Controls & Repeated Shooting:】 Built-in acceleration sensor,six-axis gyroscope to support motion sensing on Switch; Dual vibration motors for vivid game feeling, Automatic continuous shooting, always one step ahead of the rest. Motion control and vibration regulation repeated shooting.

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